Sentry Down!

Hello everyone,

We have recently been evaluating the TF2 Turbine Server and found that it is not popular amongst Aerolite users or the general TF2 community. Due to this, we find that it is a waste of resources to continue to run. We’re sorry, but incredibly grateful if you’re one of those dedicated individuals that has tried to help and has played on the server. Team Fortress 2 has gradually been moving away from community-based servers, with Valve promoting their own servers giving them a major advantage over the community. Trying to start a server on TF2 these days is much much harder than it used to be, and it is very unlikely that it would have ever gained momentum. We will continue to review this, and if we see demand for a TF2 server again then it’s likely it will return.

Aerolite Team

Happy June Everyone!

Hello everyone,

We hope you’re all enjoying the start of Summer! There’s not been a blog post here in a while so I thought I’d post a little update of what’s been going on.

Team Garry released an update to Garry’s Mod solving some lingering issues which is awesome, but it also comes with a few new ones. You may spot these, but hopefully not! If you do spot anything that is causing issues, please report it on the forums as there’s a chance there’s something we can do about it.

We’ve continued to release updates on the Classic Server to provide you with fixes and new features. We will continue to support the Classic Server even when the new content is released, for those of you that prefer it. We think you will enjoy the new stuff more though, but that’s just our opinion.

Map Progress has been steady but slow these past few weeks. This is just because the two of us have been relatively busy with other things and sadly we aren’t robots. But do not fear, progress is being made and one of the maps is almost ready to be beta tested, but we’ll keep you updated on that. You may be wondering why there’s a lack of screenshots, and that’s fairly simple to answer: We are extremely nit-picky when it comes to our maps, and we don’t like to show anything until we are confident that it’s quality. What we have been doing however is focusing on laying out the groundwork so that the map is structurally there, but not fully detailed yet. We also think it’ll be awesome to have you explore the maps yourself, rather than know what to fully expect.

You decided on the poll that you want us to work on Black Mesa before moving on to Half-Life 2 Roleplay, which is fine by us as we don’t want to be slowed down with the new content. New poll coming soon! :)

Thank you for your continued support <3

Garry’s Mod Issues…

Hello everyone,

Due to the recent Garry’s Mod update, a great number of problems have arisen. Some of these are fixable by us, but others are down to Facepunch Studios themselves to fix.

We are already aware of the Wiremod E2 issues, over-scaled avatars and the fact that map sounds are playing at the origin of the map.

Hopefully a hotfix will be released shortly. In the meantime, progress on the new maps is going steady, but there’s plenty of work to do yet.

Have a good evening :)

Aerolite VIP Now Available

Hello everyone,

The Aerolite VIP page is now online and allows you to view and purchase VIP subscriptions. This is all automated, so once payment has been received you simply have to rejoin. The VIP service grants you access to a number of additional features on our servers, and at the same time supports keeping our community online.

All existing donors who requested VIP have been added to the system. This had to be done manually, so if you believe that the page is showing you as not having a VIP subscription, or a less amount of days available than you should then please PM Alex on the forums.

Thank you for your continued support <3

Aerolite now available on BlackMesa.Science

Hello everyone,

You can now find Aerolite on our additional domain name

In the future this’ll probably be put to good use when the new content is ready. But for now, you can use it as an additional method of accessing our website.

There’s also a new poll to decide on the possibility of reviving Half-Life 2 Roleplay. So cast your vote, and we’ll see what the community wishes for.

Also, if you don’t really read the forum: We are looking for map suggestions, so if there’s anything you’d really like to see in our new Black Mesa Maps then please post in this thread, and we’ll do our best for you!

Have fun!

Thank youuuuu!

Hello everyone,

It’s been just over a month since Aerolite opened, and we just want to say thank you to everyone who has helped us get off the ground and start work on making Aerolite our dream gaming community.

When we first started, we was unsure on how well the community would be received. Pretty much everyone has given us positive feedback, and we’ve gained 116 forum members and 101 Steam group members. Many of you have been here since day 1, but even if you haven’t: Thank you very very much!

There’s plenty of work to do though. I’m sure most of you are bored stiff of seeing that same old map on Black Mesa Roleplay, and so am I. There’s a lot of map work to go, and I can say that the map will not just be a single map. Due to the limitations of the game, and the higher quality that we are aiming for, it’s not going to be possible to fit everything in one map, and there will be server change points. But not to worry, this should be handled fairly well when it’s done, and cross-server chat will make it seem like you’re in one big server.

I think there’s been enough talk, and It’d be bad of me not to show anything. So here’s a few screenies, although beware, they are a work in progress and many things may change!

A Lobbyhl2 2015-02-03 15-07-20-69 hl2 2015-02-03 15-07-13-27hl2 2015-02-03 15-05-37-91

As for Team Fortress 2, there’s still many things to be decided on that as it does need a kick start, and I’ve had multiple people telling me how much they’d love to see the Turbine server popular once again. That’ll be covered in another post.

Discuss on the forums

Temporary Garry’s Mod Sandbox!

Hello everyone,

Black Mesa Roleplay, even a temporary one is gonna take some time to implement. Because of this we’ve decided to open up a temporary Sandbox server where you can mess around with your friends.

It’s probably best to subscribe to the addon collection here:

Add it to your favourites with IP:

There’s also a forum section to discuss it, and request addons to be added

“When would you like access to the new BMRP Gamemode/Map” – Poll Results

There’s been 76 votes since the poll was opened on release day, and the vote is strongly in favour of playing whilst in development. Thank you everyone for your votes.

We asked the question “When would you like access to the new BMRP gamemode/map?”

67 (88%) voted in favour of playing as it’s being developed
9 (12%) voted in favour of playing it when it’s fully completed

Stay tuned for the next poll which will be available very soon.